Trust Land Operational Policy Review

Doug Jennings Park and Wave Break Island are important parcels of trust land that fall within the responsibilities of the Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA).

GCWA, as the trustee, is charged with the management, maintenance and protection of the trust land under the Land Act 1994. This includes ensuring the use of the trust land remains consistent with the purposes for which the trust land has been dedicated, for the benefit of the community.

GCWA is pleased to release its newly updated Operational Policy–Trust Land for your consideration. The Operational Policy provides a framework for the use, administration and regulation of the trust land for all purposes and activities, including commercial activities.

There are some key changes to the newly updated Operational Policy, including:

  • section 1.2 – emphasising park and recreational purposes
  • section 2.2 – introducing principles to guide decision-making for activities on trust land
  • section 3.2 – introducing community standards
  • section 5.2 – introducing non-refundable fees and deposits
  • section 5.4 – clarifying road closures
  • section 5.6 – introducing grounds for refusal of a trustee permit
  • section 5.9 – introducing new requirements for rehabilitation and restoration of trust land
  • section 7.3 – introducing new levels for larger commercial activities
  • section 7.4 – confirming rent for bump-in and bump-out activities.

GCWA remains committed to striking the right balance between use of the trust land by the community for low key recreation, protecting its natural values, and also it’s use as a venue for larger commercial events. Put another way, we understand the importance of this unique area to locals and visitors alike, and how events can help to boost the local economy and support growing film and event industries.

GCWA invites you to provide feedback on the revised Operational Policy via email to . We will consider all comments in the finalisation of the Operational Policy. It would be appreciated if comments could be received by Monday 30 January 2023.