Work starts on dredging Coomera River channel

A two-month dredging project to improve navigation in the Coomera River is underway.

The Coomera River channel is an important access way for commercial, industrial, residential, and recreational activity.

The $2.5 million project will focus on removing sand and sediment that has naturally built up over time in the navigation channel from Sovereign Islands to the Hope Harbour entrance.

Due to new ongoing funding for the Gold Coast Waterways Management Program, this will be first instance of dredging of the Coomera River channel as part of an ongoing regular maintenance regime.

Approximately 35,000 cubic metres of sand removed from downstream of Sanctuary Cove will be used to replenish northern Gold Coast beaches.

An estimated 35,000 cubic metres of sediment unsuitable for the beaches will be piped to the Coomera dredged sediment management facility for processing.

$50.4 million will be invested in construction and upgrade projects that will improve access to the Gold Coast waterways over the next four years.

More information about the Coomera River channel dredging project is available in this fact sheet.