Board Policy for Tidal Works released

The Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) is pleased to release the new Board Policy – Tidal Works (the policy).

The new policy provides the framework for how we assess development applications for tidal works in Gold Coast waters and clearly articulates GCWA’s position for assessing applications for marinas and other forms of tidal works, such as boat ramps, jetties and pontoons.

Release of the new policy follows industry and community consultation and will help to ensure appropriate waterways development, and strive for the right balance with marine industries and waterways-related recreation and tourism.

GCWA has been established to ensure community representation in determining priorities for waterways development. We perform the function of referral agency under the Planning Act 2016.

The new policy also recognises and supports The Spit Master Plan and the Queensland Superyacht Strategy.

Access the new Board Policy for Tidal Works here.