Wave Break Island Feasibility Study

The Gold Coast Waterways Authority is undertaking a feasibility investigation into The Spit Master Plan intent for Wave Break Island to be a natural retreat in the heart of The Broadwater.


Wave Break Island is a human-made island that was created as part of the construction of the Gold Coast Seaway in 1985. The Island was fundamental to the design to reduce the impact of wave action through the Seaway entrance on western foreshores of the Broadwater.  It continues to play a key role in the hydrodynamic and coastal geomorphological processes of the Broadwater.


  • Eight outcomes were identified for Wave Break Island in The Spit Master Plan (2019).
  • The outcomes incorporate low impact ecotourism activities with associated rehabilitation and management to protect and enhance the characteristics and attributes of the Island.
  • The feasibility study will explore each of these outcomes (2.1 to 2.8) and determine their merit, viability, and deliverability.
  • The project will include community and key stakeholder engagement activities.

The feasibility study will consider how to:

  • Improve the management and maintenance of the Island
  • Enhance and maintain ecological and recreational values
  • Maintain navigation role of the Island
  • Limit impact on navigable channels around the Island
  • Be consistent with The Spit Master Plan intent and community expectations from that process
  • Be consistent with the designated purposes of the trust land (i.e., ‘Beach Protection’ and ‘Coastal Management’).

View The Spit Master Plan HERE


Wave Break Island, The Broadwater, Queensland


Investigation Start:
May 2024
Est. Investigation Completion:
November 2024