Our Committees


The Audit and Risk Committee (ARC) is responsible for providing assurance that:

  • The credibility, appropriateness and objectivity of internal and external reporting is enhanced and remains appropriate
  • Corporate governance responsibilities are addressed
  • Internal control frameworks are appropriate
  • Laws and regulations are complied with
  • A risk management framework of policy, systems and processes is operative
  • Business systems and processes operate efficiently and effectively and are designed to minimise the potential for fraud
  • The internal and external audit process and external reporting is effective
  • Best practice is adopted where cost effective and feasible

The ARC reports to the Board and provides appropriate advice and recommendations on matters it considers need action or improvement.  The ARC meets 4 times per year.


The role of our Science and Innovation Advisory Committee (SIAC) is to provide:

  • strategic advice related to scientific, technical and innovation directions for GCWA
  • oversight to the implementation of programs under the Environmental Management Framework for managing sand resources in Gold Coast waterways and other matters related to the management of Gold Coast waterways.

Members bring expertise across the fields of coastal management, marine ecology, planning, climate adaptation, environmental economics, tourism and natural resource management.

The SIAC reports to the Board and meets 4 times per year.



The role of our Waterways Project Committee (WPC) is to provide advice (as required) to the Board on issues and considerations in relation to successful delivery of the Waterways Management Program – Capital and Operational Projects.

The committee reviews, considers and advises on all tasks necessary to ensure that all GCWA projects:

  • are carried out within the budget allowance approved by the Board
  • are completed within a time frame approved by the Board
  • meet the organisational objectives and investment criteria set by the GCWA Waterways Management Strategy

The WPC reports to the Board and meets 4 times per year.