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The role of the community in planning for the waterways now and into the future is vital. We encourage feedback through social media, community engagement and stakeholder consultation. We encourage all Gold Coast community members to “get on board” and have your say in our consultations or attend one of our upcoming Meet the Board sessions.


Current consultations:

  • Speed limit trial Coomera River (South Arm) We’re keen to hear your views on the speed limit trial underway in the Coomera River (South Arm.)The trial started in July 2018 and will run until the end of June this year.GCWA is assessing whether the trial speeds will maintain appropriate levels of marine safety while minimising regulation, improving travel times for smaller boats, and addressing the problem of damaging wash caused by the speed of larger vessels.The trial speed limits are consistent with speed limits for rivers elsewhere in Queensland:
    • 40 knots for all vessels less than 8 metres.
    • 6 knots for all vessels 8 metres in length and over.

    Prior to the start of the trial, the speed limit was 6 knots for all vessels in the Coomera River (South Arm.)

    Speed limit changes will only be made in locations where there’s evidence that a change will improve outcomes. The trial is part of that evidence-gathering process.

    Where a change is made, speeds will be fixed so they achieve an appropriate balance between safety and transport efficiency.

    The trial is taking into consideration:

    • type and level of water traffic
    • character and features of the waterway
    • current recreational and commercial activities
    • marine industry and
    • environment.

    The trial’s success will be measured through feedback from enforcement agencies, stakeholder groups and the community, as well as marine incident data and compliance data such as the number of marine infringement notices issued during the trial period, together with field observations undertaken by GCWA.

    We’ve had a few queries about the trial and speed in general – you can find the answers here https://gcwa.qld.gov.au/coomera-river-south-arm-frequently-asked-questions/

    We’d welcome your feedback –email us at mail@gcwa.qld.gov.au, write to us at PO Box 107 Southport QLD 4215 or complete our survey here

    Prefer to chat in person?

    We’re holding pop-up consultations at the following locations throughout May:

          • Jabiru Island Boat Ramp – Saturday 4 May – 8-10am
          • Runaway Bay Shopping Centre – Tuesday 7 May – 1-3pm
          • Runaway Bay Shopping Centre – Thursday 9 May – 9-11am
          • Paradise Point Boat Ramp – Saturday 11 May – 8-10am

 Our next Meet The Board session will also focus on the speed limit trial underway in the Coomera River (South Arm).

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Meet the Board

The Board is committed to setting priorities locally. Meet The Board sessions are held regularly throughout the Gold Coast to provide community members with the opportunity to provide their input on planning for the waterways now and into the future.

Last updated: 17 April 2018