As part of the big picture solution to improve channel options, new navigation aid buoys have been established on the western side of the Broadwater.  This is in line with a key action of the 10 year Waterways Management Strategy – enhancing the waterways by completing the channel network with navigation aids.  One of the detailed actions identified in the Strategy is to improve channels by completing the missing links in the network such as the south Labrador Channel and the ‘two channels’.

This is great news as the number of vessels on the Gold Coast continues to grow rapidly – 60 new boats have been registered every month on the Gold Coast over the last year!

GCWA has been working with boaties to extend the western channel to the south and complete the ‘missing link’ to join up with the Main Chanel.  The unlit buoys are intended to complement the existing system of lit beacons for the main channel network.

There has been pain for this gain and we thank those boaties who had had to move to buoy moorings to make way for this change.  We also thank the Southport Yacht Club who have been working closely with us on the solution.

A Notice to Mariners has been issued and can be found on Maritime Safety Queensland’s website here