Green light for $3 million Coomera dredge facility creating marine industry jobs

A significant project for the Gold Coast’s multi-million dollar marine industry is about to commence.

Minister for Ports Mark Bailey, today announced $3 million funding towards the construction of the Coomera Dredged Sediment Management Facility.

The facility has been planned and developed by the Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) and is due to start construction in June with first use later this year. Minister Bailey said the facility is the first of its kind on the Gold Coast and will see material dredged from the Coomera River potentially reused for a wide range of uses.

“This project is a job creator and a job sustainer,” Mr Bailey said. “The Gold Coast Marine Precinct at Coomera is home to more than 100 businesses employing 2,500 people. This new facility secures these jobs and the future of this world-class industry.” Mr Bailey said the multi-million dollar marine industries operating in the area needed certainty of access and safe navigation. The facility will provide security for businesses and employees. It will also support further industry growth by enabling larger vessels to access the services provided by the Coomera Marine Precinct.

“The facility at 91 Shipper Drive, Coomera will be a long-term, cost-effective solution. It will help minimise potential environmental impacts by managing the fine, silty mud sediment found in the upper sections of the Coomera River that is not suitable for riverbank or beach replenishment,” he said.

GCWA Chair, Mara Bún, said extraction of sediment from the Coomera River was essential to maintain safe and appropriately deep navigational channels and improve water flow for flood mitigation. “In developing the project over the past two years, GCWA has consulted widely with the local community, commercial enterprises, residential estate managers and Coomera River residents,” she said. “All stakeholders share a common interest in ensuring safe navigational access and flood management to ensure public safety and amenity on the Gold Coast and its many waterways.”

Once constructed, the facility will be available for use by organisations and businesses that undertake dredging in the area including GCWA, local government, local industry and owners of water-front residential estates.