The Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) is working with potential users of its Coomera Dredge Sediment Management Facility to maximise economic and community benefits for the Gold Coast.

The GCWA convened a workshop today with representatives from the Gold Coast Marine Industry Precinct and private waterways and body corporate managers to discuss a model for making the best use of the purpose-built facility.

The Facility processes dredged sediment which is too fine and silty to be used for beach nourishment and offshore placement.

There’s an opportunity for organisations to coordinate dredging programs, opening up financial benefits and efficiencies for tourism and marine industries and residential communities with marinas.

When GCWA built the facility, we always intended that it would be used by the private sector and City of Gold Coast as well as ourselves.

Once we’ve completed our dredging campaign along the Coomera River later this year, the Facility will be available for use by other organisations.

We see this as an investment in the Gold Coast’s economy and didn’t want to wait until later this year to start working on the best way to use the Facility.

We understand that the marine, tourism and recreation industries and the people who work in those industries depend on access to our waterways. Access is also important for people living in waterside communities.

We’re looking forward to collaborating with the waterways community to come up with a good working model for the Coomera Facility.