Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) today welcomes Councillor Gary Baildon AM to the Board.

Cr Baildon replaces Darren Scott as Mayor Tom Tate’s representative. Mr Scott has been Mayor Tate’s delegate on the GCWA Board for close to five years, since the establishment of the GCWA in December 2012.

Gold Coast Waterways Authority Board Chair Mara Bún thanked Darren for his dedicated service on behalf of the City of Gold Coast.

“Darren brought quality thinking to the Board and actively contributed to planning for the future of our waterways as valuable assets for the Gold Coast,” she said.

“We wish him all the best in his new role with the Cross River Rail Authority”.

“The GCWA Board is delighted to have the benefit of Councillor Baildon’s insights and longstanding connection to the local community. He will add tremendous value as we deliver current infrastructure programs and turn our minds to the long term resilience and uses of our waterways,” said Ms Bún.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate nominated Cr Gary Baildon as his new delegate.

Cr Baildon was the founding chair of the GCWA Board and brings a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in planning for and managing the Gold Coast’s waterways for the enjoyment of all users.

Read more about the GCWA Board here.

Picture: John Grass