In July 2018, GCWA commenced a 12-month speed limit trial on the Coomera River (South Branch).

Provision for the trial is set out in the Speed Limits and Behaviour Management Strategy 2018-2020 approved by the GCWA Board. The Strategy is a result of community consultation that began in 2014.

GCWA initiated the trial to assess whether the trial speed limits will maintain appropriate levels of marine safety while minimising regulation, improving travel times for smaller boats, addressing the problem of damaging wash caused by larger vessels. The trial will also look at any noise related impacts caused by vessels.

The trial speed limits are consistent with speed limits for rivers elsewhere in Queensland:

–          40 knots for all vessels less than 8 metres.

–          6 knots for all vessels 8 metres in length and over.

The parameters for vessel speed and length were put forward by MSQ during early consultation, with support from QPS and QBFP. Prior to the start of the trial, the speed limit was 6 knots for all vessels in the Coomera River (South Branch).

This survey is just one part of ongoing consultation with the community. GCWA is guided by the input from residents, businesses and visitors to the Gold Coast.

Once the 12-month trial concludes in June 2019, GCWA will look at the results and either keep the 40 knot speed limit, return the South Branch to 6 knots for all vessels or develop an alternative.

Your say counts.

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