After extensive consultation, the Speed Limits and Behaviour Management Strategy 2018-2020 was released in early March 2018. The first two of the five initial proposed speed limit changes came into effect on 9 March at Paradise Point and Crab Island. The next two changes came into effect on Friday 18 May.
#3 is a new speed limit of 6 knots for all vessels in McCoys Creek at Coomera to target the specific problem of damaging wash within this confined waterway and is consistent with the go slow area for the nearby Moreton Bay Marine Park.
#4 is a new trial 6 knots speed limit for vessels 8 metres and over at Jacobs Well to target the specific problem of damaging wash from larger vessels within the buoy mooring area of this busy waterway.
The two new speed limits complement both the general safety obligation and the Collision Regulations, and will assist enforcement by Gold Coast Water Police and Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol in the respective areas.
New speed limit signs are being installed and the changes have been published in the Queensland Government Gazette today.
The final speed limit change, in South Branch of the Coomera River will come into effect by the end of June this year.
Read more about the Strategy, and full details of the changes including all the maps here