As part of our plan for managing the waterways environment, a new Osprey nesting platform has been installed on the foreshore at Palm Beach.

The platform replaces a nest which had been naturally built by Osprey on a navigation beacon at the entrance to Currumbin Creek. The beacon had to be removed for safety reasons and whilst the nest had been inactive for some time, Osprey may return to previous nesting sites which is why we’ve decided to install the platform near the original site.

The nesting platform is on an 11.5 metre pole on the northern bank of Currumbin Creek. This site was chosen on the recommendation of an ornithologist from the University of Queensland as it provides good access to the surrounding waterway for hunting.

While no guarantee can be made that Osprey will choose to use this platform, the design is based on a similar successful structure that was built by Redland City Council at Wellington Point. If the nesting platform remains unused by Osprey for five (5) years, then the Gold Coast Waterways Authority will consider removing the structure.