Waterways Management Program

The Gold Coast Waterways Authority was created in December 2012 by the Gold Coast Waterways Authority Act (2012). The Act requires the Authority to prepare a 10-year Waterways Management Strategy and an annual Gold Coast Waterways Management Program , subject to Ministerial approval, that provides a rolling 1+3-year investment plan. The Authority must consult on both the Strategy and the Program. Investment under the Program must be consistent with the Strategy.

Specifically the Program must include:

  1. The policies and financial measures for implementing the waterways management strategy;
  2. The performance targets to be achieved;
  3. Details of the projects to improve and maintain navigational access to Gold Coast waters and to develop and improve public marine facilities;
  4. Details of measures to be taken to implement and monitor compliance with a waterways management regulation made under the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994 to the extent the regulation applies to Gold Coast waters.

The Waterways Management Program is subject to change to ensure alignment with strategic and operational priorities. For current information on specific projects please check out Our Projects page or contact Gold Coast Waterways Authority on 5539 7350.


The role of our Waterways Project Committee (WPC) is to provide advice (as required) to the Board on issues and considerations in relation to successful delivery of the Gold Coast Waterways Management Program – Capital and Operational Projects.

The committee reviews, considers and advises on all tasks necessary to ensure that all GCWA projects:

  • are carried out within the budget allowance approved by the Board
  • are completed within a time frame approved by the Board
  • meet the organisational objectives and investment criteria set by the GCWA Waterways Management Strategy

The WPC reports to the Board and meets 4 times per year.