The Gold Coast Waterways Authority has today opened Stage 2 of the Emergency Access Stairs at the Gold Coast Seaway.

Stage 1 opened in December at a cost of $40,000 and saw installation of stairs over the rock wall and a large preparation area with seating. Stage 2, costing $35,000, includes an extension of the stairs directly into the water and a handrail to aid safe entry and exit of the water.

The project has been welcomed by divers and snorkelers who have for many years accessed the water by climbing down the rock wall. The stairs mean safer entry and exit of the water and better emergency access to the Seaway in the case of a person needing to be evacuated.

Gold Coast Waterways Authority Chairman, Gary Baildon said since the Seaway was built in 1986 it has been a popular site for a number of activities.

“We are aware of how popular this spot is so this is an important project and it has received a lot of positive feedback from the community,” said Mr Baildon.

Gold Coast Waterways Authority CEO, Hal Morris said this is just one of many projects being delivered through the 4 year Waterways Management Program.

“The Waterways Management Program means great benefits across the waterways for a variety of users,” said Mr Morris.

Upcoming works in the area include the new Doug Jennings Park toilet block, due for completion before Christmas, refurbishment of the Seaway Kiosk and other infrastructure improvements to Doug Jennings Park.

The Authority’s Waterways Management Program aligns to the 10 year Waterways Management Strategy that sets out to Sustain, Enhance and Promote Gold Coast waterways. To view the Waterways Management Strategy and Program visit the GCWA website.