Our Gold Coast waterways are a mainstay of the Gold Coast’s lifestyle, underpin the Coast’s identity, and provide opportunities for locals and visitors to undertake recreational activities on and beside the waterways. In April 2017, we conducted and reported on the economic and social values of our waterways.

We engaged NCEconomics, an independent consulting firm, to conduct the analysis and to report on the economic and social values of the Gold Coast’s waterways to the community and businesses. We invited the community to contribute to the management of our waterways through an online survey.

The survey covered some basic information about the participant’s households or businesses and their views about our waterways.  The marina and waterway-based tourism industries were of particular interest due to the significant reliance of waterways to underpin businesses, and due to the fact that quality waterways stimulate the purchase and use of vessels of all shapes types and sizes.

Outputs from our study will include developing an economic profile of the marina and waterway-based tourism industries (size, contribution to Gross Regional Product, direct and indirect employment etc.) and insight to better understand the importance of waterways to your industry. Our report will also be publicly available as a resource to industry.