The GC Waterways Shoal Reporting application (‘app’) is a free smart phone application that enables the general public to report areas of possible shoaling.

To use the app you will need a smart device and internet connection and you download it from the Apple iTunes store or from the Google Play store.

Shoaling reports (including the location, date and time) will be used for planning and maintenance purposes by Gold Coast Waterways Authority.

By analysing the frequency and location of submissions, these reports, in conjunction with our Hydrographic Survey program, will be used to identify priority areas that require investigation and to inform our dredging projects as part of our Waterways Management Program.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Shoaling?

Shoaling is an area of reduced depth caused by the movement of sand within our waterways. It is a naturally occurring process but can sometimes affect the depth of navigational channels.

Do I have to use the app to report shoaling?

You can report shoaling through the app. Alternatively you can report shoaling by contacting us via telephone, email, post, fax or in person at our office). Visit our Contact Page here to get in touch with us.

How do I report waterways issues other than shoaling?

You can contact us via telephone, email, post, fax or visit us in person at our office. Visit our Contact Page here to get in touch with us.

How do I access the app?

The GC Waterways Shoal Reporting application can be downloaded on a number of different smart phones via their own app stores: Apple (including iPhone) iTunes app store  Android (including most Samsung, HTC, LG and Motorola devices) – Google Play store (may also be known as Android Market on some devices) Universal web app

If you are reading this information from your smart phone you can click on the below links to go straight to the iTunes and Google Play store to download the app now;

Apple iTunes   |   Google Play Store

Are my personal details secure?

GCWA does not collect any personal information through the GC Waterways Shoal Reporting App. GCWA adheres to a Privacy Policy which is available here.

How long will it take for shoaling that is reported by the app to be addressed?

Typically the information you supply will help us to plan the best way to maintain our waterways. Waterways are dynamic and shoaling reports need to be investigated to ensure the most appropriate action is taken.  This app is for reporting non-urgent issues.  To report urgent Gold Coast waterways issues including navigation aid faults, navigation hazards or marine pollution incidents, please contact us by phone on 07 5539 7373.  For other urgent or life threatening issues please call 000.

Can I access the app using a tablet or other smart device (such as an iPad or iPod Touch)?

As the mobile application is designed for use on smart phone devices, it may not display correctly on a larger screen, or only be available as a ‘Phone’ application in the relevant app store categories. It may also not be available at all (depending on the device compatibility).

Additionally, these devices may not have precise location services (e.g. access to GPS satellite positioning) and therefore you may need to manually identify or search for the location/address when submitting a report.

When using the app for the first time, why does it want to use/know my current location?

To make it easier for you when submitting reports, the mobile application can use the location of your device at the time you’re creating a report as the location of the issue being reported. You can then review/change the location before it’s submitted to GCWA.

My location is not correct on the map when creating a report. Why?

Firstly make sure that ‘location services’ are enabled within the privacy or connection settings on your device (including any options to use GPS satellites and/or wireless networks to estimate your location) and that the app has been allowed access to use location services.

When submitting a report at the location of the issue, use the device in direct view of the sky (as submitting within or around buildings can affect the accuracy of your location).

Even with following these instructions, we recommend that you always review the location displayed on your report, and if required move the crosshairs/pin on the map to the correct location.

What if I have further questions or feedback relating to the GC Waterways Shoal Reporting application?

For technical app support visit

For GC Waterways related questions or feedback contact us by phone or email. Visit our Contact Page here to get in touch with us.