Wave Break Island

Wave Break Island was created in 1985 as part of the Gold Coast Seaway construction (read more about the History of the Seaway). It was included in this project to protect the western foreshore of the Broadwater from waves that might penetrate the new, permanently stabilised entrance.

Due to its close proximity to the Gold Coast community and the general boating public, the island has become a popular destination for day visitors.

There are no facilities on Wave Break Island that might support camping or other recreational activities. There are camping facilities managed by the City of Gold Coast on South Stradbroke Island at Currigee.

Maintain beach nourishment to ensure the integrity of the island and rock walls

The Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA), through its navigation channel dredging and beach nourishment program, continually works to ensure beaches in and around the Broadwater are nourished to protect infrastructure. The beaches and rock walls of Wave Break Island benefit from these works to ensure the island continues to act as a buffer from the ingress of wave action through the seaway entrance. We regularly dredge the navigation channels around Wave Break and use the sand to replenish the island to ensure the effectiveness of this vital asset.

Don’t waste Wave Break

GCWA encourages visitors to respect the natural environment and be considerate of others wanting to use the area after them. That’s why we ask you to remember to please take your litter with you or drop it in the bin!