West Crab Island channel dredging supports our waterways city’s marine industries

GCWA is pushing ahead with dredging works on the Gold Coast, ensuring vital transport links remain open for our waterways city’s marine industries.

“Dredging is starting in the West Crab Island Channel in the section from the Ephraim Island bridge down to the intersection with the North Channel,” CEO Hal Morris said.

“South East Queensland-based business Q Sand North will be carrying out the works as part of our $27.6 million investment in the our Waterways Management Program.

“The Gold Coast’s waterways support 6,000 direct and indirect jobs and contribute $770 million directly and indirectly to the local economy every year, so it’s crucial we continue to support the industry, especially in the face of COVID-19.

“The channel which runs along the eastern shore of the Broadwater forms an important connection between Paradise Point, Runaway Bay and the wider marine channel network which supports access to marinas, manufacturing precincts, service centres and the canals to the west of the channel.”

GCWA will work with Q Sand North to ensure recommended health guidelines are implemented to manage and mitigate any potential impacts on the project by COVID-19 so that work can safely proceed.

The dredged material will be deposited in an approved site offshore to support beach nourishment on the eastern side of South Stradbroke Island.

This will replenish sand lost to erosion, improve storm resilience and provide habitat for marine animals.

Dredging is due to finish in June.

About 30,000 cubic metres of clean sand will be removed from the channel during the dredging campaign.