Anchoring & Mooring

Anchoring & Mooring

Anchoring and Mooring in Gold Coast Waterways

Discover the perfect balance between relaxation and exploration in the stunning Gold Coast waters. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a curious adventurer, it’s important to understand the anchoring regulations that help preserve the beauty of these sought-after locations.

Creating a fair and enjoyable experience for all

At Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA), we take pride in maintaining the integrity and accessibility of our waterways. To ensure everyone gets a fair opportunity to enjoy the most desirable anchorages, there are time limits for anchoring in high-demand areas. Much like parking restrictions in city centres or camping restrictions in national parks, these limits aim to create a fair and enjoyable experience for all.

Our team monitors the anchoring restrictions in various locations across the Gold Coast. From the captivating South Stradbroke Island to the picturesque Doug Jennings Park (The Spit Gold Coast), the serene Wave Break Island to the idyllic Moondarewa Spit, we strive to strike a balance between preserving the environment and allowing visitors to embrace the wonders of these pristine waters.

Download Our Comprehensive Anchoring and Mooring Guidelines

Join Us in Preserving the Marine Ecosystem and Building a Thriving Community. Explore the Anchoring and Mooring Guidelines for an Unforgettable Journey in the Gold Coast’s Waterways.


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