Tidal Works

Tidal Works

Building a boat ramp, pontoon or jetty?

  • I want to build a boat ramp, pontoon or jetty, how do I get approval?

    It’s recommended that applicants consult with the Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) prior to lodging a Tidal Works application with the Assessment Manager (usually Local council).

    GCWA provide a waterways management comment in relation to your application which is then assessed by the Gold Coast City Council. Council will require a concurrence response from GCWA and the Department of State Development , Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning (DSDILGP).

    Generally, the supplier of the boat ramp, pontoon, jetty, rock armouring, revetment wall etc. will make a conforming Tidal Works application on your behalf.

    To streamline the GCWA assessment process, all applications must provide supporting information to show that the proposed tidal works address GCWA’s waterways management requirements. This includes but is not limited to, protection of the navigational access channel, equitable, efficient and effective use of Gold Coast waterways and protection of the marine environment.

  • Where do I start?

    Download our Tidal Works Factsheet to see whether your proposal considers and satisfies the appropriate points.

    Tidal Works Factsheet

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My Neighbour’s Boat Is Blocking Access to My Property, Can You Do Something?

All waterfront properties have the right to access the waterway. Vessels and structures must not impede or restrict access to a neighbouring property or structure. In the first instance we would ask that you speak to your neighbour in an effort to resolve the situation. If you need further advice or assistance please contact the Gold Coast Waterways Authority office on mail@gcwa.qld.gov.au.