GCWA zeros in on climate change targets

The Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) is acting on climate change and investing in projects that support a sustainable future for the Gold Coast’s iconic waterways.

GCWA Chief Executive Officer Chris Derksema said work was already well underway in response to the severity of climate change and its potential impacts to our waterways and community.

“We acknowledge that climate change is the most significant environmental challenge that humans have faced, and we recognise the impacts of increasing global temperatures on climate patterns, extreme weather events, and ecosystems around the world,” Chris Derksema said.

“In response, we are actively mitigating our own climate change impacts and preparing for the future, allowing us to maximise sustainable and resilient waterways services and infrastructure at the same time.

“While we are making a concerted effort to build sustainability into our own operations, we’re also working closely with our suppliers and stakeholders to make improvements where possible.”

Chris Derksema added that the foundations for action had been set by a robust Climate Change Policy which sets clear and achievable targets for GCWA, including the reduction of its greenhouse gas emissions.

“We recently adopted a Climate Change Policy that supports GCWA in better managing the effects of climate change and provides a framework for improved climate-related oversight and governance,” Mr Derksema said.

“The Policy confidently outlines our commitments, including the adoption of carbon emissions reductions targets, and how we’ll integrate climate change into our business operations.”

Key targets and collaborative actions under the GCWA Climate Change Policy include:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to achieve net zero scope emissions as soon as possible and preferably by 2025
  • Working with key supply chain areas such as dredge operators and marinas, to achieve net zero emissions by 2030 or sooner
  • Working with staff, contractors, consultants, and the community to raise awareness of our Climate Change Policy
  • Ensuring all GCWA staff undertake climate change awareness training
  • Collaborating with local research organisations and other relevant organisations to raise awareness on climate change impacts relevant to Gold Coast waterways.