Our climate change response

The Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA)  is supporting a sustainable future for our waterways by undertaking work that acknowledges our responsibility to mitigate, plan, and respond to climate change impacts.

Our Climate Change Policy enhances our response to managing the effects of climate change and improves our climate-related oversight and governance.

The Policy, which was endorsed by the GCWA board in December 2022, outlines our key commitments including the adoption of carbon emissions reductions targets, and how we plan to integrate climate change into everyday business.

Key targets include:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to achieve net zero scope emissions as soon as possible and preferably by 2025.
  • Working with key areas of our supply chain, such as dredge operators and marinas, to achieve net zero emissions by 2030 or sooner.

We are establishing a Climate Change Management Strategy to further support the resilience of our waterways. This will incorporate detailed assessments of climate change risks to our organisation and internal decision making.  Climate change and net zero carbon emission targets will be incorporated into procurement and asset management decision making as well as statutory planning and strategic planning.

GCWA will undertake work with our staff, contractors, consultants and the community to raise awareness of our Climate Change Policy. Those actions include:

  • Ensuring all GCWA staff undertake climate change awareness training.
  • Ensuring all our contractors and consultants are aware of this policy, the GCWA Climate Change Management Strategy and implications for undertaking works for GCWA.
  • Collaborating with local research organisations and other relevant organisations, continue to raise awareness on climate change impacts relevant to Gold Coast waterways.


For further information please see our fact sheet and policy: