North Channel and South Channel Dredging Project

The Gold Coast Waterways Authority is improving access and connections to the waterways by dredging the North Channel and South Channels adjacent to the Gold Coast Seaway. The navigation channel network is constantly shaped by our weather, and our waterways are dynamic. This is why Gold Coast Waterways Authority proactively delivers regular dredging campaigns.

Approximately 70,000 cubic metres of sand will be removed from the channels and beneficially reused. The dredged sand will be beneficially reused to nourish Broadwater beaches or deposited offshore for coastal protection purposes at South Stradbroke Island.

During April and May clean sand extracted from the dredging will be used to replenish the northern beach of Wave Break Island. Access from north beach to east beach will be maintained at all times.


  • Enhanced channel connectivity.
  • Reinstate the approved channel depth.
  • Improved access and safety through the removal of shoaling.
  • Easier access to the Seaway and Broadwater that is vital for the commercial and recreational vessels that are coming to the Gold Coast
  • Improvements to the north beach of Wave Break Island through covering exposed rocks and oysters, filling in erosion that has created steep embankments and ensure the structural integrity of the training wall.


  • A trailer hopper dredge, tugs and barges will operate in the channel which may restrict vessel access during the works period.
  • The trailer hopper dredge will be regularly transporting dredge material from the South Channel through the Seaway to the South Stradbroke Island placement area.
  • The dredge will display day shapes to indicate the passing side and will be contactable via VHF radio. Masters should reduce speeds and navigate with care.
  • A Notice to Mariners has been issued by Maritime Safety Queensland which is available via the link:
  • From Monday to Thursday the eastern end of northern beach of Wave Break Island will have limited access to the beach and adjacent water. Silt curtains will enclose the work area at the north beach of Wave Break Island to retain the sand within the target area on work days. See the images below for more detail.


The Broadwater and Seaway, between the Sundale Bridge and Ephraim Island.


Planned Investment: $1,750,000
Project Start: March 2024
Project Completion: June 2024