Cavill Avenue Pontoon Repair

The Cavill Avenue pontoon is a popular marine facility, providing access to the Nerang River. Repairs to the pontoon will be undertaken, including repairs to both the modules and structure.

• Maintaining recreational and commercial boating facilities is an important part of ensuring safer, navigable access for waterway users.
• The repair of the pontoon structure will ensure the functionality for recreational and commercial waterways users in the Surfers Paradise area is maintained.

• Temporary closure of the pontoon will be in place while maintenance works are undertaken.
• Some noise impacts during the maintenance activities are expected.


Project location: Western end of Cavill Avenue located at 73 Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Planned investment: $138,000

Estimated project start: Mid-June 2024

Estimated project completion: Mid-June 2024

Current status: Design phase