Doug Jennings Park

Located on The Spit at the Gold Coast, Doug Jennings Park is a popular destination for tourists and locals to fish, dive, surf and swim in the Broadwater and ocean, or for more simple activities such as picnicing, walking and relaxing with the family. At approximately 30 ha in size, this park is a prominent sandy coastal peninsular on the eastern side of the Broadwater where it opens into the sea, positioned at the southern boundary of the Moreton Bay Marine Park.

Unfortunately, over the past 30 years, some areas of the park have become degraded and have attracted some inappropriate uses.

As trustee of the Park, we’ve made a significant investment in the area. Approximately $4.55 M has allowed us to provide the community with Seaway Emergency Access Stairsamenities block, extra beach showers, upgrades to the Seaway Kiosk and the rehabilitation of Moondarewa Spit.

The model by-law

On 9 September 2016, the ‘Trust Land Protection and Use Model By-law 2009’ came into effect. The purposes of the model by-law are:

• to protect the trust land, including buildings on the land;

• to regulate the use of the trust land.

The model by-law is part of a staged approach to help GCWA address issues such as camping, littering and driving off-road, to ensure the park continues to provide a world class destination to be enjoyed by the whole community and visitors to the Gold Coast.

With panoramic views of the Broadwater, the area is a highly desirable destination. We’re working to raise the community’s appreciation to caring for the park and why illegal activities such as camping, dogs off leashes, driving on dunes harm these unique and economically valuable assets.

The Responsible Enjoyment of Doug Jennings Park

We remind all visitors that camping, dogs off leashes, driving off dunes, littering and lighting fires is not permitted. It is important that everyone who comes to visit respects the rules that protect its value as an environmental and economic resource for the Gold Coast and a public asset for everybody to enjoy.

Check out our Guide To Using Doug Jennings Park

In the news

Model By-Law for Doug Jennings Park

Model By-Law for Doug Jennings Park

Doug Jennings Park is a popular location for fishing, diving, surfing, walking, swimming and relaxing for tourists and locals alike. Unfortunately, over the past 30 years the area has become degraded and has attracted some inappropriate uses. As part of the ongoing...

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Moondarewa Spit opens

Moondarewa Spit has been officially reopened following the completion of a $2 million facelift at Doug Jennings Park, The Spit. Minister for Main Roads and Ports Mark Bailey said the Gold Coast Waterways Authority had done a great job rehabilitating the park where...

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Last updated: 20 June 2017