Sand Bypass System jetty access update

We’re closing the jetty to public access this weekend (8-9 May 2021,) and the following 3 weekends, as we’ll be pumping sand during these times.

The jetty was built to support the jet pumps for the Sand Bypass System.

To make sure we keep pace with changes in health and safety regulations, GCWA regularly undertakes risk assessments of its assets.

A recent risk assessment of the Sand Bypass System recommended that we do not open the jetty to the public when sand is being pumped, for safety reasons.

The assessment also recommended that we no longer open the jetty at night because of inadequate lighting and restricted access for emergency services.

Our pumping schedule is determined by natural conditions such as swell direction and height, wind direction and sand build-up caused by those conditions. Typically these conditions prevail from April until October.

We also choose to pump at night and at weekends to take advantage of lower, off-peak electricity prices.