Jetty and Pontoon Installation in Marine Stadium

With the installation of a jetty and pontoon commencing soon at the northern end of Marine Stadium as part of the implementation of The Spit Master Plan, GCWA has issued a Waterways Notice detailing a restricted area for watercraft from Wednesday 29 June 2022 until end of February 2023 – click here to view the notice.

The notice requires a person in charge of a watercraft not to enter into, navigate, anchor, moor or otherwise operate the watercraft on, waters of the restricted area. Restrictions have been put in place to meet work health and safety requirements to support construction workers and protect the public from any hazards associated with the work carried out.

Once installed, the jetty and pontoon facility will provide much needed on-water transport access to Doug Jennings Park, Moondarewa Spit, and the Seaway Promenade. The pontoon will allow for temporary berthing of recreational and commercial vessels, including emergency services.

Construction is anticipated to be complete in February 2023. Access to the Muriel Henchman Drive public boat ramp and pontoon will remain open during this period.