New science informs future plans for The Spit’s Marine Stadium

A study into the flow of water between Marin Stadium and The Broadwater has been completed as part of the implementation of The Spit Master Plan.

During consultation on the master plan the community expressed the desire for water conditions to be assisted to better support recreational activities.

The six-month study included field testing, options analysis and computer modelling that confirmed the water in the northern end of Marine Stadium has limited tidal exchange with The Broadwater.

It was demonstrated by computer modelling that the connection of Marine Stadium to The Broadwater via a channel, pipe or culvert would not adequately improve the flow of water.

A management option that reduces the opportunity for illegal discharges and distances vessels from recreational users is recommended. This option is shown to be the most effective way of supporting a range of recreational activities.

The recommendation for a management option will be used to inform GCWA’s planning for the future of Marine Stadium that is currently underway.

To learn more about the findings of the Marine Stadium Tidal Exchange Investigation visit:  .