Marine Stadium Recreational Uses Trial

Gold Coast Waterway Authority (GCWA) is undertaking a trial of a waterways management option that aims to support a broader range of recreational uses within Marine Stadium, located at the Top of The Spit, Main Beach.


  • A recreational opportunities area that excludes powered vessels has been established to support a range of recreational uses within the northern 300 metres of Marine Stadium.
  • Access to the Jetty and Pontoon has been enabled through a 45-metre-wide navigation channel along with a maneuvering area to each side of the structure.
  • This is consistent with the vision for the area outlined in The Spit Master Plan (2019).
  • This management option has been achieved using a Waterways Notice issued under Section 22 of the GCWA Act.
  • GCWA is monitoring the recreational opportunities area to assess its effectiveness. This includes undertaking regular water quality testing, monitoring recreational uses in the area and monitoring vessel compliance with the Waterways Notice. 
  • Preliminary results from the trial will be available in September 2024.  
  • Ongoing engagement with the community is continuing through the Place Strategy. 


  • GCWA undertook a destination planning process for Marine Stadium in 2022, including significant community consultation, to find the best future uses of the area focusing on the marine environment and foreshore areas.
  • The Marine Stadium Tidal Exchange Investigation (also completed in 2022) attributed breaches of the safe swimming thresholds within Marine Stadium to illegal waste dumping by vessels. The study recommended GCWA adopt a management option that separates vessels from other recreational uses is the most effective way of supporting a range of recreational activities within Marine Stadium (as sought by The Spit master plan, outcome 1.9).
  • In March 2023, GCWA issued a Waterways Notice for 12 months to enable the establishment of the recreational opportunities area.
  • In March 2024, GCWA extended the Waterways Notice for another 12 months to allow for completion of evaluation activities and determine a suitable future management option for Marine Stadium.


Project start: March 2023

Estimated completion: March 2025


Top of The Spit Precinct, Main Beach