The Spit Stories

Community Reference Panel

The Spit Master Plan, released in 2019, conveys how future generations will value The Spit for its memorable places that connect the community and visitors with the landscape and marine environment.   Wayfinding signage and interpretative stories will help achieve these connections.

To progress the interpretive stories, we have sought members of the community/stakeholder representatives to assist with the sourcing and reviewing of the interpretive content for the interpretative devices conceptualised in The Spit Wayfinding and Interpretive Framework (the framework).

The Community Reference Panel comprises of individuals who represent a range of environmental, cultural, economic, and social interests and hold a passion for The Spit.

Working closely with a specialised interpretive content writer, the panel members will leverage their intimate knowledge of The Spit in reviewing proposed wording of individual and shared stories under the Community, Environment and Ecology, Leisure and Trading, and Maritime storylines.


The objective is for The Spit Stories to be a balanced representation of the place, community and history but also a vibrant placemaking tool that celebrates what is uniquely ‘The Spit’.


Terms of Reference

For more information about The Spit Wayfinding and Interpretive Framework please visit The Wayfinding and Interpretive Framework


The Spit, Main Beach, Queensland


Project Start: April 2023
Est. Completion: March 2024